Cold recycler intellectual property management system certif

                      cold recyclers In recent years, the international environment has been complicated and changeable. The State has taken the lead in formulating the "Code for the Management of Intellectual Property Rights in Enterprises", which aims to help enterprises establish a scientific and standardized intellectual property management system, form an intellectual property management system that runs through all aspects of production and operation, and Acquisition, maintenance, application and protection, to enhance the domestic and international competitiveness of enterprises, and to ensure the sustainable development of enterprises.

                      Our company has implemented the strategic outline requirements into daily production and management in 2018. With the active attention of the general manager, the vigorous promotion of the R & D department, and the earnest implementation of all employees of the company, our company went smoothly in December 2019. Pass the audit of intellectual property standards and obtain certification! This indicates that our company has reached a new level in the creation, use, management and protection of intellectual property rights.



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